24 June 2010

Which e-Resources does the Library subscribe to?

The easiest way to check which databases you can access, is to look at:
  • the alphabetical A-Z Databases list (off-campus access methods are also given)
Databases are also added to SAULCAT, the online catalogue, as are links into the individual e-journal titles which are contained within databases. 

links are also added to the regularly-updated E-Journals pages.  

E-books are listed in SAULCAT, with links into them, and can found in the same way as print books.

Also available is SEEKER, which allows you to simultaneously cross-search and retrieve results from multiple databases.

16 June 2010

Trial e-Resource - Cairn: French Language Journals Online

We have free trial access to the Cairn: French Language Journals Online database until 15 July 2010.

Cairn offers over 200
full text, peer reviewed, academic journals from France and Belgium, from 2001 to the present.  It includes journals in the fields of history, literature and linguistics, psychology, sociology, political science, education, law and economics.

The text, and the search interface, is in French. Your feedback about this resource would be appreciated.

11 June 2010

New e-Resource - Anatomy TV

Anatomy TV "contains 3D anatomy views of the hand and forearm, shoulder, hip, knee, and foot and ankle ... anatomical structures from raw medical scan data ... and includes surface anatomy, cutaneous distribution, and nerves and arteries. Also included are common pathologies, radiological content, interactive quizzes and multiple choice questions"

Off-campus access: choose the 'UK Institution Shibboleth Login' link within the database, select the link to the University, and login with your University account details.

N.B. You must enable cookies and 'pop-ups' in your web browser, in order to view all the material in this resource.

A detailed User Guide is available.

ATHENS - need to re-register every year?

Please note: ATHENS accounts were phased out in July 2011 

As long as you're a current student or member of staff at the University, your ATHENS account (for off-campus access to many e-resources), will be renewed automatically, in the Autumn - there's no need for you to re-register.

... and if you forget your Username or Password, just get in touch and you'll be sent a reminder.

N.B. some e-resources now use your University account details for off-campus access; this will gradually replace the use of ATHENS

10 June 2010

Introducing BoB

BoB (Box of Broadcasts) National is an innovative shared online TV and radio streaming service, recently subscribed to by the Library. It allows you to:

  *  record TV and radio programmes from over 50 channels, broadcast in the previous 7 days
  *  schedule recordings up to 7 days in advance
  *  view 45,000+ archive programmes, both on- and off-campus
  *  create playlists and clips that you can share with others
  *  store and reuse your recordings, embed in the curriculum, etc.
      To login, choose 'UK Federation Login', type in 'St Andrews', click on the link to the University, and login with your University Account details.  

      supplements TRILT, the Television and Radio Index for Learning and Teaching database, which lists programmes back to 1995.

      A detailed User Guide is available.

      3 June 2010

      20,000 E-Journals and rising ...

      The E-Journals page currently lists and provides access to over 20,000 full-text e-journals. These include both individual e-journal subscriptions and journals within full-text database subscriptions held by the Library e.g. JSTOR, Emerald, ScienceDirect, etc.

      These e-journals are also listed in SAULCAT.

      A regularly updated Latest E-Journals link allows you to track newly-added e-journals.

      2 June 2010

      New e-Resource - State Papers Online I

      Our permanent access to State Papers Online - Part 1; The Tudors: Henry VIII to Elizabeth I, 1509-1603: State Papers Domestic has been activated. This database contains 380,000 facsimile manuscript pages which link to their corresponding searchable Calendar entry.

      State Papers Online 1509-1714 is a searchable archive of 16th and 17th Century State Papers (Domestic, Foreign, Scotland, Ireland) and Registers of the Privy Council relevant to research in political, governmental, social, economic, and religious history.

      This database is being released in four parts, with some yet to be published. When complete, it will offer over 3 million digitized pages of primary source materials relevant to Early Modern British History.

      Off-campus access uses your University Username and Password.