13 September 2010

JSTOR - a valuable resource

The JSTOR (Journal STORage) database archives over 1,100 digitised e-journals in the humanities, social sciences and sciences, from volume 1 onward.  Most have a 3-5 year moving wall between the content in JSTOR and the current published issue.  This agreement between JSTOR and publishers is designed to protect the revenue from the sales of current issues.

The breadth of coverage and the multi-disciplinary, scholarly content makes JSTOR one of our most heavily-used e-resource subscriptions, and represents excellent cost-per-use value.

In 2009, the number of 'significant' accesses from St Andrews = 1,173,388. This was made up of:
  • Searches = 258,031
  • Pages viewed = 713,871
  • Browsing = 79,358
  • Article prints/downloads = 122,128 (17% increase from 2008)
Many libraries have taken advantage of JSTOR's secure long-term archiving to free up valuable shelf-space and reduce staff costs, whilst improving user access to information.

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