24 October 2010

Contribute to the British Library's UK SoundMap

Take part in helping the British Library to create the first nationwide sound map. The UK SoundMap is a fascinating survey of the acoustic landscape ('soundscape') of Britain.

Why collect everyday sounds?  Well, by recording your surroundings using the free AudioBoo app for smartphones, or a web browser, you can contribute to the British Library's digital collections and help to build a permanent research resource, to answer such questions as:
  • what does the UK sound like today?
  • what impact do these sounds have on our lives?
Visit the SoundMap to hear what other members of the public have already recorded - everything from seals in Shetland to laughter in Ledbury.  Related maps can be viewed on the Archival Sound Recordings website.

NB: Only one recording from Fife so far!

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