18 October 2010

'Locked' e-book message

If you encounter a 'temporarily locked' message when you try to access an e-book, please get in touch, as soon as this happens.

Many e-books use digital rights management software to protect publishers' copyright and to restrict the number of pages which can be copied or printed. The software used by MyiLibrary e-books can be triggered by turning pages too quickly (interpreted as copying or downloading excessive amounts), and the e-book becomes temporarily 'locked'.

NB: this happens rarely, but needs to be resolved by MyiLibrary staff, when it does. If you see this message, then please contact jmy

NB: some of our e-books don't offer unlimited accesses, so there may be (rare) occasions where you are told an e-book is 'in use' and will have to wait until someone logs out. This is quite different from the 'temporarily locked' message mentioned above

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