7 October 2010

Trial e-Resource - Russian Newspapers and Journals

We have free trial access to three Russia-based databases via East View Information Services, until 27 October 2010.
* Russian Central Newspapers Online  (flyer)
     Russian national news, current events, economic developments and cultural events. Includes several English-language newspapers 

* Social Sciences and Humanities Journals  (flyer)
     full-text journals in sociology, philosophy, history, economy, pedagogy, politics and law, many published by the Russian Academy of Sciences

* Universal Database of the Moscow State University Herald  (flyer) 
     Moscow State University publications covering chemistry, economy, history, law, mathematics, and more

NB: One interesting feature is a 'virtual keyboard' for Belarusian, Russian, Ukranian and Usbek input

Feedback about these resources would be appreciated.

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