18 November 2010

Rock's Backpages - from the Stones to the Stone Roses

Which singer was called 'devious, truculent and unreliable' by Judge John Weeks? - use Rock's Backpages to find out.

Classed as the 'ultimate rock & roll library online', Rock's Backpages is the largest database of rock music journalism in the world.

It covers over 2,500 artists and all types of popular music, from the 1950s to the present - from Abba to Zappa, the Stones to the Stone Roses, from Elvis to Eminem.

Over 25,000 articles, interviews and reviews by rock's finest writers and critics, from international publications such as Rolling Stone, New Musical Express, Melody Maker, etc., make it an invaluable resource for studies in genre, politics and subcultures, cultural history, and other subjects.

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