10 November 2010

Searching for a specific article?

Know which journal the article you need was published in, but not sure how to find it?

Articles are not listed in SAULCAT, the Library catalogue - you must search for the journals they were published in.
  • select 'Periodicals and Journals' Search in SAULCAT
  • then 'Title' Search, if you know the journal the article was published in
  • not sure of the precise journal title? - then use 'Keyword' Search and some journal title words
  • type in the journal title or keywords eg Land Economics
  • you'll then see if the Library subscribes to it in print or online, or both ...
  • plus the time period you have access to, and the off-campus access method (for e-journals)
  • if the online version is available, you'll see a link into the e-journal - there may be several links if there are different routes into it
  • if so, select the one which covers the time period for the article
  • and you can then search for, or locate, the article you need
  • if no print or online subscription to the journal is held, you are welcome to use the Library's Interlibrary Loan service
If you know that the article was published in a specific e-journal, you could also access the journal - if we subscribe to it - via the E-Journals page

NB: our St Andrews identifier may be incorporated into the access links for some of our subscribed e-journals, so use SAULCAT or the E-Journals page links for access - other routes into an e-journal may not let you view the full-text

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