15 November 2010

Trial e-Resource - Faculty of 1000 (Biology & Medicine)

We have a trial of the new Faculty of 1000 (F1000) database, until 15 December 2010.

F1000 identifies and evaluates the most important articles in Biology and Medicine, based on the recommendations of an international  'Faculty' of over 10,000 leading scientists and clinicians.

On average, 1,500 new evaluations are published each month, which corresponds to roughly the top 2% of published articles in these subjects.

F1000 combines F1000 Biology and F1000 Medicine and includes:
  • The Scientist - a magazine providing daily news, video interviews, debates, feature articles with opinions and syntheses of the latest biomedicine ideas, and Faculty member profiles
  • F1000 Posters - an open access repository for biology and medicine conference posters
  • F1000 Reports - short, peer-reviewed commentaries on emerging themes in biology and medicine, written by Faculty Members
    NB:  register on site to comment on articles, tailor MyF1000 to your research interest, and receive regular email alerts and F1000 News Updates

    NB: Faculty of 1000 was originally conceived as a collaboration of 1000 international Faculty Members; although these now number more than 10,000, the name has been retained

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