24 December 2010

Christmas Presents New e-Resources

As always, Library staff have been thinking ahead for ways in which to enhance your learning, teaching and research experience.

We'll have some excellent new databases for you in the New Year - a bit too late to be classed as Christmas presents, but certainly worth looking forward to. 

In the meantime, our Best Wishes for the Festive Season, and here are some films from BoB, for you to enjoy (login with your University Username and Password):

    23 December 2010

    Crossfire becomes Reaxys - please switch by 31 December

    © Elsevier
    A reminder that the Mimas Crossfire service finally ends on 31 December 2010. It will be replaced by the new Reaxys system, which we are already using. (Reaxys flyer)

    No further logins to CrossFire will be possible after 1 January 2011, so please ensure that you move over to Reaxys by then.

    Reaxys is based on the merged and unified content of the CrossFire Beilstein, CrossFire Gmelin and Patent Chemistry databases. It offers authoritative information in organic, inorganic and organometallic chemistry and covers journal literature (1771-) and patent literature (1869-).

    Full documentation about moving to Reaxys, including a Quick Reference Guide, an FAQ and information about downloading and installing structure editors, is provided via these links.
        Off-campus access to Reaxys, using your University Username and Password, will be available soon.

        If you have any questions, or problems with logging in, please contact the Elsevier Helpdesk or jmy.

        NB: any existing references to Crossfire in online reading lists, WebCT, etc., will need to be altered

        22 December 2010

        New RSS Feed - Recent Acquisitions by Subject

        Ever wanted to see a list of new material coming into the Library, by subject? - now you can!

        Just subscribe to the regularly-updated Library Latest Acquisitions by Subject feed on the Library Home page.

        This allows you to see subject clusters of new material, and the RSS feed will keep you up-to-date with new purchases in your subject area.

        Our existing RSS feeds are:

        19 December 2010

        Oxford English Dictionary (OED) Online - new look, features and content

        Lost for words?
        Do you avoid the prends on Muttoes Lane and the Jehus on North Street, and hope that there won't be too many cachinnators or grinagogs in the Library?

        As well as being a great source of fascinating words, the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) is widely regarded as the 'definitive record of the English language'. 

        As an historical dictionary, it provides not just the meaning and pronunciation of over 600,000 words, but also their history from earliest times to the present day, traced through over 3 million quotations.

        The OED has just re-launched with a new look, new features and functionality, and new content. Why not take a look?:
        • Dictionary - browse the whole dictionary from A to Z
        • Categories - browse words by subject, usage, region, or origin
        • Timelines - discover when words entered the English language
        • Sources - explore the top 1,000 quoted authors and works
        • Historical Thesaurus - track the lexical history of words by concept and meaning
        NB: any 'old' links to the OED in web pages or teaching materials should be changed to the new site: http://www.oed.com/

        16 December 2010

        President Jackson's Parrot

        'Why was US President Andrew Jackson's parrot ejected from his owner's funeral?'

        Visit Oxford Reference Online's 'Fact of the Day' to find the answer!

        While you're there, why not sign up for the daily Fact of the Day and get interesting facts from over 200 reference works included in the ORO Premium Collection.

        15 December 2010

        ATHENS: Tip Top Tips

        Please note: ATHENS accounts were phased out in July 2011
        A few tips and reminders about ATHENS:
        • ATHENS isn't a database - it's simply a method of authenticating your off-campus access to some of the Library's e-resources
        • once you've registered for an ATHENS account, you'll receive a Username and Password - for your use only
          • not all e-resources use ATHENS authentication for off-campus access - an increasing number use your University Account Username and Password 
          • if you access e-resources through SAULCAT or the A-Z Databases page, you'll see which off-campus access method to use
            • you will only be able to access e-resources that the Library subscribes to - even if there is an ATHENS login
            • if we subscribe to an e-resource (database, e-journal, e-book) it will be listed in SAULCAT, with a link into it; SAULCAT will also tell you if we hold a print copy
              • if you're not sure how to access an article in a journal, always check SAULCAT first to see if we subscribe to that journal - don't access via ATHENS unless you know which resource the journal is held in 
              • for example, the following reference:
                   Brearton, Fran: "'Ploughing by the Tail': Longley, Muldoon, and Anxiety of Influence"
                   Nordic Irish Studies, (2:1), 2003, 1-16 (2003)

                is to an article by Fran Brearton, published in the journal called Nordic Irish Studies, in Volume 2, Issue 1, pages 1-16, in 2003
              • to find this article, search for the journal in SAULCAT - individual articles are not indexed.  Choose 'Periodicals and Journals' Search, then 'Title' Search, type in 'Nordic Irish Studies' and press Return.  Because we have access to it, you'll then see a link into the 'Full text from JSTOR Ireland Collection: 2002 to 2006', and a note that it 'Requires ATHENS login off-campus'
              • so, if you're off-campus, just search SAULCAT for the e-journal or e-book that you need.  If we subscribe to it, you'll find it in SAULCAT, and also a link directly into it
              • if the e-resource uses ATHENS for off-campus access, there will be an ATHENS login on the e-resource's website 
              • if your University account Username and Password is required for off-campus access, there will be a UK Federation WAYF/ Institutional Login/ Login via your Home Institution/ Shibboleth login link; you would select 'University of St Andrews' and login with your University account details
                Related posts: Off-Campus Access: Hints and Tips and Searching for a specific article?

                  12 December 2010

                  Trial e-Resource - The Cecil Papers

                  Robert Cecil
                  © Chadwyck Healey
                  We have a trial of The Cecil Papers database, until 9 January 2011.

                  The Cecil Papers is a collection of approx 30,000 sixteenth and seventeenth century manuscripts, consisting principally of the correspondence of William Cecil, Lord Burghley (1520-1598) and his son Robert Cecil, the 1st Earl of Salisbury (1563-1612).

                  Both men were Secretary of State to Elizabeth I - Robert Cecil also served her successor, James I/VI - and dominated the administration of government during her reign.

                  This important collection of documents includes many 16th and 17th century state papers, legal documents, treaties, correspondences and political memoranda, as well as hand-drawn maps, tables and letters.

                  It offers crucial insights into the events of Elizabethan and Jacobean England, one of the most dynamic periods of history, and is "of the utmost importance to scholars of Tudor government, politics, religion, administration in particular, but also to anyone working in the field of 16th century English history"

                  Feedback about this resource would be appreciated. 

                  8 December 2010

                  Faculty of 1000 trial (Biology and Medicine) ending soon - feedback welcomed

                  Our Faculty of 1000 trial ends on 15 December.

                  F1000 identifies and evaluates the most important articles in Biology and Medicine, based on the recommendations of an international  'Faculty' of over 10,000 leading scientists and clinicians. (Detailed Brochure)

                  We hope that you've found the free trial useful and would appreciate your feedback about this database.  Thank you.

                  7 December 2010

                  SAULCAT - did you know ...?

                  ... that SAULCAT stands for St Andrews University Library CATalogue?

                  SAULCAT is the Library's online catalogue, and is updated weekly.  It can be searched from on- or off-campus, and includes:
                  • details of the Library's print and electronic collections - journals/periodicals, databases, e-books, rare books, dvds, etc
                  • links into e-journals and e-books, and off-campus access details
                  • most material likely to be on student reading lists, if held 
                  • Short Loan lists by course module number, Department or Lecturer
                  • book cover images, tables of contents and summaries in many of the records
                  • all recently received material, regardless of publication date
                  • and a significant amount of older material, added retrospectively
                  You can:
                  • limit your search by Library location, material type, language, publication date(s), publisher
                  • sort your results by title, publication date or relevance
                  • mark results, then save, e-mail or display on screen
                  • format results for import into RefWorks or Endnote, for creating bibliographies
                  • use the RSS feeds for Recent Accessions, Latest DVDs, New E-Books
                  • see your Reading and Borrowing History 
                  • save and edit Preferred Searches and use e-mail alerts for new stock

                  4 December 2010

                  RefWorks and Endnote - create bibliographies easily

                  Baffled by bibliographies? Confused by citations? - not sure how to create them for your essays, or cite references that you've used?  Then why not sign up for a RefWorks or Endnote bibliographic management software Workshop?

                  A workshop is being held by Library colleagues on Tuesday 7 December (5.00-6.00pm; Butts Wynd Computer Lab).

                  RefWorks/Endnote software allows you to gather, manage and store personal databases of references from online resources and to quickly generate bibliographies and citations in a variety of different formats.

                  Don't miss out on this opportunity! - book a place by e-mailing Louise. (More information)

                  NB: the Monday 6 Dec workshop has had to be cancelled as the presenter is snowbound.  Many apologies!