15 December 2010

ATHENS: Tip Top Tips

Please note: ATHENS accounts were phased out in July 2011
A few tips and reminders about ATHENS:
  • ATHENS isn't a database - it's simply a method of authenticating your off-campus access to some of the Library's e-resources
  • once you've registered for an ATHENS account, you'll receive a Username and Password - for your use only
    • not all e-resources use ATHENS authentication for off-campus access - an increasing number use your University Account Username and Password 
    • if you access e-resources through SAULCAT or the A-Z Databases page, you'll see which off-campus access method to use
      • you will only be able to access e-resources that the Library subscribes to - even if there is an ATHENS login
      • if we subscribe to an e-resource (database, e-journal, e-book) it will be listed in SAULCAT, with a link into it; SAULCAT will also tell you if we hold a print copy
        • if you're not sure how to access an article in a journal, always check SAULCAT first to see if we subscribe to that journal - don't access via ATHENS unless you know which resource the journal is held in 
        • for example, the following reference:
             Brearton, Fran: "'Ploughing by the Tail': Longley, Muldoon, and Anxiety of Influence"
             Nordic Irish Studies, (2:1), 2003, 1-16 (2003)

          is to an article by Fran Brearton, published in the journal called Nordic Irish Studies, in Volume 2, Issue 1, pages 1-16, in 2003
        • to find this article, search for the journal in SAULCAT - individual articles are not indexed.  Choose 'Periodicals and Journals' Search, then 'Title' Search, type in 'Nordic Irish Studies' and press Return.  Because we have access to it, you'll then see a link into the 'Full text from JSTOR Ireland Collection: 2002 to 2006', and a note that it 'Requires ATHENS login off-campus'
        • so, if you're off-campus, just search SAULCAT for the e-journal or e-book that you need.  If we subscribe to it, you'll find it in SAULCAT, and also a link directly into it
        • if the e-resource uses ATHENS for off-campus access, there will be an ATHENS login on the e-resource's website 
        • if your University account Username and Password is required for off-campus access, there will be a UK Federation WAYF/ Institutional Login/ Login via your Home Institution/ Shibboleth login link; you would select 'University of St Andrews' and login with your University account details
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