19 December 2010

Oxford English Dictionary (OED) Online - new look, features and content

Lost for words?
Do you avoid the prends on Muttoes Lane and the Jehus on North Street, and hope that there won't be too many cachinnators or grinagogs in the Library?

As well as being a great source of fascinating words, the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) is widely regarded as the 'definitive record of the English language'. 

As an historical dictionary, it provides not just the meaning and pronunciation of over 600,000 words, but also their history from earliest times to the present day, traced through over 3 million quotations.

The OED has just re-launched with a new look, new features and functionality, and new content. Why not take a look?:
  • Dictionary - browse the whole dictionary from A to Z
  • Categories - browse words by subject, usage, region, or origin
  • Timelines - discover when words entered the English language
  • Sources - explore the top 1,000 quoted authors and works
  • Historical Thesaurus - track the lexical history of words by concept and meaning
NB: any 'old' links to the OED in web pages or teaching materials should be changed to the new site: http://www.oed.com/

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