31 January 2011

New e-Resource - over 7,500 Elsevier e-books

© Elsevier
The Library has purchased unlimited and unrestricted access to over 7,500 e-books on ScienceDirect - for 12 months - on an Evidence Based Selection model basis.

After the 12 months, purchase decisions will be based on the evidence of use made during this period.  The initial investment will then be used to buy the most heavily-used titles, on a permanent access basis.

23 subject areas are covered, under the main areas of Physical Sciences and Engineering (includes Chemistry, Computing, Earth Sciences and Mathematics), Life Sciences, Health Sciences, and Social Sciences and Humanities.

All the e-books have been added to SAULCAT; but only those which are subsequently purchased after the 12-month period, will remain in SAULCAT.

This type of evidence-based purchase model is very new, but by involving the University community in this proactive, usage-driven process, we expect the end result to be a highly focused collection of permanent access Elsevier e-books.

What do you think about this method of e-book selection?  We would appreciate some feedback, please

28 January 2011

Don't forget ...

... that you can track this blog by subscribing to one of the feed services listed at the foot of the right-hand column.

You can also use a QR-Code (Quick Response mobile barcode) image to access from a smartphone or camera phone.  See this earlier post for details.

27 January 2011

Trial e-Resource - Picture Post Historical Archive

© Getty Images/Gale
We have a free trial of the Picture Post Historical Archive database until 25 February 2011.

This unique archive contains the complete, searchable, full-colour Picture Post, the pioneering illustrated newspaper published in Britain between 1938-1957. It contains almost 50,000 pages and thousands of images.

Picture Post’s innovative use of photojournalism provides a unique visual record of British life during this pre-television era. 

It captures a crucial period of 20th century history, in images - from shots of daily life to serious and history-defining moments of domestic and international affairs. At its peak, Picture Post was read by 80% of the British population.

Picture Post is an invaluable resource for research in media, journalism, history and photography, and for studying how international social and political issues of the day were brought into popular consciousness.

Contact jmy for trial access details (University of St Andrews staff and students only)

Please take the time to supply some feedback about this resource.

NB: the Library has permanent access to The Illustrated London News Historical Archive 1842-2003

25 January 2011

Burns - a Celebration of E-Resources

Why not celebrate Scotland's national poet, with a 'taster' of just a few of the Library's many relevant e-resources (you may need to login to some with your University account details)
  • information, images, audio recordings, letters, museum and gallery artefacts, photographs, links to locations in online maps, and to the National Burns Collection, etc, (in SCRAN)
  • ... and finally, No Holds Bard, a contemporary comedy following five competitors for the Cup O' Kindness, the trophy awarded to the winner of a Burns recitation contest (film; Box of Broadcasts National)

    23 January 2011

    Digimap MasterMap Download Downtime: 4-7 February 2011

    Digimap's MasterMap download facility will be unavailable between Friday 4 to Monday 7 February 2011, due to scheduled maintenance work at the University of Edinburgh.

    Anyone requiring data for use during the following week should download it before Friday 4 February.

    Digimap provides current Ordnance Survey maps and data for the whole of the UK, either to download or to use within GIS or CAD applications, or as simple or customised maps generated online, for viewing and printing.

    OS MasterMap is a continually updated database for the whole of the UK.  It contains a variety of information structured into different product layers consisting of topography, roads, aerial imagery and addresses.

    22 January 2011

    New e-Resources - Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Mathematics and Physics

    Included in our permanent-access purchase of the Springer eBook Collection, is also permanent access to the following important series:
    plus any sub-series, published between 1997-2011.

    These high-quality series summarise and report on the latest developments in all areas of computer science and information technology, mathematics and physics, in an accessible way.

    21 January 2011

    New e-Resource - The Papal Letters

    We now have access to The Papal Letters (Ut per litteras apostolicas) database, from Brepols publishers.

    This provides the complete collection of papal letters from the 13th and 14th centuries - more than 220,000 full-text Latin documents.

    The Papal Letters contains the Registres et lettres des Papes du XIIIe siècle (32 vols; Rome, 1883-), the Registres et lettres des Papes du XIVe siècle (48 vols; Rome, 1899-), as well as unpublished material (litterae communes of Gregory XI from 1371-1375, and the registers of petitions of Urbain V).

    This e-resource provides insights into the most varied aspects of medieval society - church institutions, the clergy, the papal states, politics, the legal system, taxation, government and finance, secular society; religious, intellectual and artistic life, the economy, wars, law and order, the environment and natural disasters, and daily life.  (Detailed flyer)

    Forthcoming updates will include the papal registers of Nicolas III, John XXI, Gregory X et Clement IV (thirteenth century), and documents of Alexander IV, Urban IV, Innocent IV, Gregory IX et Honorius III

    NB: this database can be searched in English, French and German, but the main texts are in Latin, and the bibliographical references are in French 

    20 January 2011

    New e-Resource - In Principio (Incipit Index of Latin Texts)

    © University of
    St Andrews Library
    We now have access to In Principio, a searchable database of Latin incipits - the opening words that identify manuscript texts.

    In Principio indexes over one million incipits covering Latin literature from its origins to the Renaissance, when the manuscript was replaced by the printed text.  It includes incipits from the Institut de Recherche et d’Histoire des Textes, the Hill Museum and Manuscript Library, and the Bibliothèque Nationale de France. (Detailed flyer)

    It forms an invaluable research tool for anyone interested in the writers, texts and manuscripts of Antiquity, the Middle Ages, and the Renaissance. Using In Principio, you can trace the development of a text, or find the identity of a codex.

    Literary genres covered include the liberal arts and theology, history, poetry, medicine, liturgy, civil and canon law, the exact and occult sciences, summas and sermons, glossaries and correspondence, recipes and cursing formulas, large treatises and small, isolated sentences. In Principio is searchable in English, French, and German, and is updated twice yearly.

    NB: the image of St Andrew is just one of many included in Treasures of St Andrews University Library, our wonderful new best-selling book

    19 January 2011

    Index to Theses - now links to over 50,000 full-text theses

    The Index to Theses database provides a comprehensive list of higher degree theses accepted by UK and Irish Universities, since 1716. Over 16,000 new theses are added annually.

    It also now provides online links to over 50,000 full text theses freely available from University repositories, or from the British Library's EThOS online theses site. 

    You can link to full-text from entries in the Index to Theses.  Most of the 550,000 thesis records include an abstract, which summarises the content.  If a thesis is not available online, details of how to obtain the full text are given.

    With many theses now being 'born digital', together with ongoing digital conversion of older theses, Index to Theses predicts a 50% increase in full-text theses being linked to, by the end of 2011.

    NB: more information about theses and EThOS is given on the Library's Theses and Inter-Library Loans pages

    17 January 2011

    Look out for SEEKER - coming soon!

    Keep a lookout for SEEKER, our new search service.

    SEEKER will give you a single access point to all the Library's e-resources - databases, e-journals, e-books, etc - and allow you to search them simultaneously. 

    You'll be able to search groups of subject e-resources, and you'll have a 'personal' space for favourite databases, saved searches, notes and documents, alerts, etc.

    So no more trying to work out which databases are most likely to be useful - just type your search into SEEKER and you'll retrieve details of relevant print and online resources.

    SEEKER should be available in the next few weeks, so keep watching - more information will be posted here.

    14 January 2011

    New e-Resource - World News Connection

    We're very pleased to announce a subscription to World News Connection (WCN).

    WNC is a valuable research database for monitoring and searching global current events and issues. It  includes unique editorial content from countries that have restricted information sharing with the rest of the world, and offers data back to 1995.  It is updated daily.

    Content is compiled from thousands of translated non-U.S. media sources - newspaper articles, conference proceedings, TV and radio broadcasts, periodicals, reports, etc. - by the National Technical Information Service (NTIS), a U.S. Government agency. 

    overage includes business and economics, crime, health and medicine, humanitarian aid, military affairs, politics, science and technology, socioeconomic and environmental issues.

    Links to the individual news sources in WCN are being added to SAULCAT. Off-campus access details will be publicised later.

    NB: WCN complements our other existing news media subscriptions - CIAO (Columbia International Affairs Online), Factiva, Foreign Broadcast Information Service (FBIS) Daily Reports, Nexis (News and Business), and MideastWire.com

    11 January 2011

    Oxford Reference Online - webinar on 13 January

    Get up to speed - why not register for a live Oxford Reference Online (ORO) training session taking place at 11.00 on 13 January?

    Oxford Reference Online
    offers over 200 reference works published by Oxford University Press and allows you to browse and search across all content, within a specific subject, or a single book.

    Sign up to discover tricks, tips and searches to help enhance your search experience.

    Online training dates for Who's Who, Oxford Dictionary of National Biography, Oxford English Dictionary, Oxford Scholarship Online, etc are also given.

    6 January 2011

    Colors of Chemistry Photo Competition

    © CAS
    Christmas may be over, but why not celebrate the new year by taking part in the annual Colors of Chemistry Photo Contest, being run by CAS, a division of the American Chemical Society?

    Just submit a photo which fits the chemistry-related theme, into the monthly contest. There's a chance to win a Visa gift card each month and a digital SLR camera will be awarded to the best overall photo of the year.

    For full details, see the contest rules.

    Why not visit the 2010 Calendar for inspiration, or download the images as your desktop wallpaper?