31 January 2011

New e-Resource - over 7,500 Elsevier e-books

© Elsevier
The Library has purchased unlimited and unrestricted access to over 7,500 e-books on ScienceDirect - for 12 months - on an Evidence Based Selection model basis.

After the 12 months, purchase decisions will be based on the evidence of use made during this period.  The initial investment will then be used to buy the most heavily-used titles, on a permanent access basis.

23 subject areas are covered, under the main areas of Physical Sciences and Engineering (includes Chemistry, Computing, Earth Sciences and Mathematics), Life Sciences, Health Sciences, and Social Sciences and Humanities.

All the e-books have been added to SAULCAT; but only those which are subsequently purchased after the 12-month period, will remain in SAULCAT.

This type of evidence-based purchase model is very new, but by involving the University community in this proactive, usage-driven process, we expect the end result to be a highly focused collection of permanent access Elsevier e-books.

What do you think about this method of e-book selection?  We would appreciate some feedback, please

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