27 February 2011

Where to look for what

A quick reminder of where to look for the following:
       *   links to trial databases - on this blog; in publicity sent to Schools
       *   databases subscribed to - in SAULCAT (the Library catalogue); A-Z Databases and Databases by Subject web pages
       *   e-journals - in SAULCAT; E-Journals web page
       *   print journals - in SAULCAT
       *   e-books - in SAULCAT
       *   print books - in SAULCAT
       *   DVDs - in SAULCAT
      NB:  individual articles are not indexed in SAULCAT - search SAULCAT for the journal the article appears in (choose 'Periodicals and Journals' Search, then 'Title' or 'Keyword' Search and use title words from the journal)

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