3 March 2011

SEEKER - imminent launch of new search service

SEEKER, our new search service, should be available very soon now. We're currently doing some final testing and configuration.

SEEKER is easy to use and allows you to do a single search across the Library's resources - databases, e-journals, e-books, full-text, SAULCAT, etc.  ... without you having to know which databases will be most useful. 

Just search in SEEKER and you'll retrieve details of print and online resources relevant to your course work and research.
  You can then use your 'personal' space for favourite databases, saved searches, notes and documents, etc, and manage your search results in many different ways.

SEEKER offers a quick and easy way to search our resources, but it won't replace SAULCAT, the Databases A-Z page and the E-Journals page.  These will still be available, and will be linked into from SEEKER.

More information will be posted here soon, so do keep checking.

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