17 March 2011

Trial e-Resource - The Romantic Era Redefined

We have short trial access to a new e-resource - The Romantic Era Redefined - until 31 March 2011.

This full-text resource focuses on Romantic-era literature published between 1800-1830 by writers from Britain, the British Empire, and North America. It includes poetry, prose, drama, letters, diaries - along with  political, philosophical, scientific, and sociological works; and the only extant full set of The Wordsworth Circle, the scholarly journal devoted to English literature, culture, and society during this period. (User Guide)

The Romantic Era Redefined presents Pickering and Chatto’s highly acclaimed critical editions of the writings of Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin Shelley, Robert Southey, William Cobbett, Maria Edgeworth, William Godwin, Elizabeth Inchbald, Harriet Martineau, Thomas DeQuincey, Mary Russell Mitford, and many others. 

Contact jmy for trial access details (University of St Andrews staff and students only)

We hope that you find the free trial useful. Feedback about this database would be appreciated.

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