28 April 2011

Access to e-resources during Library building summer closure

Some reassurance about access to e-resources over the summer when the Library building will be closed for refurbishment (from 14.00 on Wednesday 25 May; see the Redevelopment blog for more detail and dates).

The Library building is scheduled to re-open towards the end of September 2011.
  • access to e-resources will be 24/7 as normal; there should be no interruptions to access 
  • the Library has invested in additional e-resources to further improve your access to information (see earlier blog posts) 
  • SEEKER, our new one-step search service, will simplify your searches for, and access to, relevant e-material (more details).  Off-campus access uses your University account details.
  • the computer clusters will continue to be available for on-campus access (apart from the Main Library and Butts Wynd computer classrooms)
  • Datastream database - access will be from 3 PCs in the Bute Computer cluster; at present, access is from 3 PCs in the Library, and also from the Schools of Economics and Management
  • ATHENS accounts (for off-campus access to some e-resources) are being phased out in favour of University account access from off-campus; this should be completed by the end of July 2011.

    More information will follow, and any changes will be publicised.
  • please contact Jean Young (ext: 2294) with any queries about access to e-resources

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