23 April 2011

New e-Resource - Encyclopedia of Animal Behavior

Confirmation that we now have permanent access to the important Encyclopedia of Animal Behavior, edited by Breed and Moore, and accessed through Elsevier's ScienceDirect platform.

This authoritative reference work, written by over 400 experts, offers 300+ in-depth illustrated articles on a wide range of topics in the study of animal behaviour.

It covers subjects such as communication, learning, sexual selection, navigation, methodological issues, etc., as well as emerging areas of research in cognition, animal welfare, the role of behaviour in conservation, etc.

Entries range from the use of behaviour in assessing the welfare of pigs, to the social behavior of insects; from animal empathy to bat brains; from broad topics eg 'Aggression and Territoriality', 'Visual Signals', to those on specific species or taxonomic groups eg 'Bowerbirds', 'Zebrafish', etc.

The Encyclopedia of Animal Behaviour is said to be 'the definitive reference work in its field' and will be an invaluable tool for teaching. 

A link into the Encyclopedia has been added to SAULCAT.

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