5 May 2011

ATHENS accounts to be phased out by end July

Please note that ATHENS accounts (for off-campus access to some of the Library's online databases) will no longer be required after the end of July 2011.

Like many other Universities, we will be using University account details for off-campus access to the e-resources that we buy.  We already use University account details for off-campus logins to many e-resources, and to SEEKER.

If you usually login through your MyATHENS account, you'll notice some databases will disappear from the list of available resources, over the next few weeks - this will NOT mean that we no longer have access to them; it will simply mean that ATHENS is no longer used, and that you will use your University account details for off-campus access, instead.

All databases will be accessible through the A-Z Databases page and SAULCAT and access details will be altered on these, and on the E-Journals pages, as the off-campus access method changes for each e-resource.

More information about this change will be posted soon, but if you have any questions or concerns, please get in touch.

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