2 June 2011

Gale NewsVault - cross-search multiple historical newspaper archives

Gale NewsVault offers the definitive cross-searching platform for exploring some of our Gale historical newspaper databases.  You can search or browse across all the following full-text newspaper archives, at one time: 
  • Burney Collection (17th and 18th Century Newspapers)
  • Economist Historical Archive 1843-2006
  • Financial Times Historical Archive 1888-2006
  • Illustrated London News Historical Archive 1842-2003
  • Nineteenth Century British Library Newspapers, Parts I and II
  • Nineteenth Century UK Periodicals
  • Times Digital Archive 1785-1985
  • Times Literary Supplement Historical Archive 1902-2005
Gale NewsVault allows you to:
  • search across over 10 million digitised pages of historic newspapers, with one search
  • discover over 400 years of content, from the 1600s to the 21st Century
NB:  a Gale NewsVault search may help you to retrieve useful information from unexpected sources - for example, the Financial Times contains a significant amount of arts content, while The Times Digital Archive is a rich source of historical financial news

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