1 June 2011

SEEKER Snippet 5: how to view search results from a specific database

It's easy to view your SEEKER search results which have been retrieved from a specific database eg JSTOR, PsycINFO, Business Source Premier, Science Citation Index, etc:
  • once you see your search results, click on Content Provider (bottom of left-hand menu)
  • then click on Show More, beneath this
  • a list of the databases which have results for your search will appear
  • check the boxes next to the database(s) you want to see the search results from, and click on Update
  • only results from your selected database(s) will then be shown
NB:  only databases which contain results for your current search will be listed - so you will see different lists of databases for different searches

NB:  a large number of databases are included in the EDS Foundation Index (which appears on the list of Content Providers), but are not listed individually.  A list of these databases will be posted later.

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