18 July 2011

Phasing out of ATHENS - webpages in transition

As part of the phasing out of ATHENS authentication (used for off-campus access to many of the Library’s online databases), a large number of changes need to be made to certain webpages, SAULCAT records, etc.

All efforts are being made to ensure that these will be in place soon, but due to the sheer scale of changes required, it's possible that some information may not be consistent, initially.  Please bear with us, during this transitional period.

In future, off-campus access to databases will be via the following:
  • A-Z Databases page
  • the Quick Links to Databases menu on this page (this menu will list all the databases, soon)
  • SAULCAT,  the Library catalogue
  • and the E-Journals pages also link to individual e-journals (which are also listed in SAULCAT)
Details are being altered on these pages, and in SAULCAT, but if you’re not sure of the current off-campus access method to use, please check the A-Z Databases page.

(From 1 August 2011, you will use your University Username and Password - the same as you would use to access your University e-mail - for off-campus access to those databases which formerly used ATHENS)

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