21 August 2011

Off-campus access to e-resources from August 2011 onward

ATHENS off-campus access is no longer used; it was phased out at the end of July.  Please note:
  • your ATHENS account no longer exists
  • you will no longer login to databases through ATHENS
  • you may continue to see ATHENS logins on some e-resources, but these links are no longer relevant to you, and you should ignore them (some Universities will continue to use ATHENS) 
Databases which used ATHENS for off-campus access now use your University Account Username and Password (the same as you use for University e-mail).

Current off-campus access
: you can now access the Library's databases via:
  • A-Z Databases page
  • the Quick Links to Databases menu on that page (it will list all the databases, soon)
  • SAULCAT, the Library catalogue
  • the E-Journals pages also link to individual e-journals (also listed in SAULCAT)
  • or via SEEKER, the Library’s new search service, which allows you to do a single search across many of the Library's databases
If you’re not sure which off-campus access method to use, check the A-Z Databases page.

Logging in:
  • select the database you want to search
  • use the login link that you'll see on that database
  • it will say something like: UK Federation WAYF / Institutional Login / Login via your Home Institution / Shibboleth login / Alternative login, or similar
  • then enter your University account details to access the database
    On-campus access: should continue to be seamless, if you are within the University network (including Residences), with no need for a username or password

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