16 August 2011

SciFinder - move to web access only + introducing SciFinder Mobile

SciFinder Mobile
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The client version of SciFinder is being discontinued by CAS, on 31 August 2011, due to the increasing popularity of, and significant new developments in, the web version.

If you haven't already done so, please register for the web version of SciFinder, and choose your own Username and Password.

These details will allow you on-and off-campus access to SciFinder.  They will also allow you anytime, anyplace, unrestricted access to SciFinder Mobile (supported platforms) 

SciFinder Mobile does not include full reaction or structure searching (more information).

NB: if you have been using the client version of SciFinder, please remember to remove the software from your personal computer

NB: we have 7 concurrent access 'seats' for the web version, so please try again if you are unable to access at busy times. SciFinder Mobile offers unrestricted concurrent access

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