18 August 2011

SEEKER Snippet 11: the difference between SEEKER and SAULCAT

Want to know if the Library holds a specific book or journal (print or online)? - use SAULCAT

Interested in finding out what has been published on a subject? - then use SEEKER

SEEKER allows you to search across many of the Library's online databases, with a single search.

Doing the same search in SEEKER and SAULCAT will give you very different results:

For example, a search for 'kurdistan ethnic conflict' retrieves:

          SAULCAT = 1 result (print book)
          SEEKER    = 69 results (print books, e-books, articles, etc.) which appear in the main results list
           plus          1,600 + results from the individual databases listed in the
right-hand column of the SEEKER search results screen eg:

           Columbia International Affairs Online (CIAO)   972 results
           HeinOnline                                                       537 results
           Scopus etc.                                                      145 results
NB: you can then limit your SEEKER results to ones that you have access to, by choosing:
  •  'Refine your Results' (left-hand menu)
  •   and checking the 'You have access (print or online)' box
NB:  SEEKER search results will also link you into the full-text, where we have access

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