30 September 2011

Early Music Online - over 300 volumes of 16th Century music

Early Music Online contains more than 300 digitised volumes of 16th century music - some of the world's earliest surviving volumes of printed music - held in the British Library.

These anthologies of printed music contain approximately 10,000 musical compositions. They mainly consist of partbooks of vocal polyphony, but also include some early printed tablatures for keyboard or plucked string instruments. They include music printed in Italy, Germany, France and England. 

Highlights of the collection include:
  • church music by the Flemish composer Josquin des Prez
  • and the English musicians Thomas Tallis and William Byrd
  • drinking-songs from Nuremberg
  • love-songs from Lyon
  • lute music from Venice and organ music from Leipzig
Search Early Music Online content via the British Library Catalogue

Click 'I want this' in each catalogue record to access the digitised music.

Thanks to a partnership between Royal Holloway, University of London, the British Library, and JISC, this material is now freely available, and can be used for non-commercial purposes.

29 September 2011

SEEKER - searching made simple

SEEKER is our recently launched new search service

It allows you to do a single search across most of the Library's e-resources - our many online databases (which provide you with e-journal articles, newspaper reports, e-books, books, book reviews, conference proceedings, theses, etc), and also SAULCAT.

We'd love to have your feedback!

28 September 2011

Oxford Scholarship Online - access problems

The Oxford Scholarship Online interface has just been re-launched, but this has resulted in some access issues with the site.

Many OSO e-book links in SAULCAT are not resolving correctly, due to this change, neither are chapter-level DOIs. Off-campus access has also been affected.

OUP apologises for this inconvenience - their technical staff are taking immediate steps to resolve these issues.

27 September 2011

Hansard - now included in House of Commons Parliamentary Papers (HCPP) database

The full-text of Hansard (1803-2005), is now included in the House of Commons Parliamentary Papers (HCPP) database.

Hansard (the Official Report) is the edited verbatim report of proceedings of both the House of Commons and the House of Lords.

It provides a record of parliamentary debates and questions, including written ministerial statements and answers to parliamentary questions, as well as transcripts of the debates. Each Hansard record corresponds to a day’s sitting or written answers, usually covering several topics.

This important enhancement to HCPP enables Hansard to be cross-searched with the Sessional Papers of the House of Commons.

Hansard can also be browsed by date or Member.

26 September 2011

New - RSC (Royal Society of Chemistry) Mobile App

Download the new free RSC Mobile app for iOS (iPad, iPhone and iPod), from iTunes.

RSC Mobile gives you access to over 30 Royal Society of Chemistry e-journals, and allows you to:
  • access the latest articles in the RSC journals 
  • read full-text HTML and PDF articles via the University's wireless network
  • save articles for reading offline
  • share your favourite content via email, Twitter or Facebook
  • get the latest news from the RSC Publishing platform 
RSC Mobile FAQ

24 September 2011

SciFinder Scholar - web-based training

SciFinder Scholar is now completely web-based.

SciFinder is a research tool that allows you to explore Chemical Abstracts Service databases containing biomedical sciences, chemistry, engineering, materials science literature, etc.

To access, please register for the web version of SciFinder, and choose your own Username and Password.  Login using your University Computer Account Username and Password, then register with your University e-mail address.

These details will allow you on- and off-campus access to SciFinder.  They will also allow you anytime, anyplace, unrestricted access to SciFinder Mobile (supported platforms)

You can also self-register for CAS Learning Solutions and set up your own tailored training at a pace to suit you.  

23 September 2011

British Cartoon Archive - now includes Giles Archive of political cartoons

"Grandma" by Giles
© Express Newspapers
Over 15,000 cartoons from the Carl Giles Archive, held in the British Cartoon Archive at the University of Kent, have been digitised and made available for teaching, learning and research.

The Giles Collection is the single most important archive of British newspaper cartoons, and a major resource for British political and social history. It includes rare seaside postcards as well as political cartoons.

This JISC-funded digitisation project expands the holdings of the British Cartoon Archive which holds the national collection of British social and political cartoons.

This archive already represents the work of over 250 British cartoonists and is widely used for research and teaching.  The Giles Collection is cross-searchable with the 123,000 other images in this archive.

NB: due to JISC funding, HE UK staff and students can use images from the Giles Collection, free of charge for educational purposes; see full copyright information 

22 September 2011

Literature Online (LION) - 400 Penguin Classics added

Bronte Sisters
Nearly 400 volumes of Penguin Classics - including more than 1,000 individual works - have been added to the Literature Online (LION) database.

This series has long been known for its scholarly and accessible texts of world literature.

Works by important English and American writers such as Charles Dickens, Anthony Trollope, Mark Twain and the Bronte sisters are included.

A large number of modern translations of texts by eg., Emile Zola, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Giovanni Boccaccio, Farid Attar, Cao Xueqin, etc., are also included.

Complete list of Penguin Classics Introductions.

Off-campus access: use your University Username and Password

21 September 2011

New e-Resources - Elsevier Medical e-Textbooks

We now have 24/7 unlimited access to 7 important Elsevier medical e-textbooks:
  • Basic Medical Sciences: Naish
  • Clinical Medicine: Kumar and Clark 
  • Communication Skills for Medicine: Lloyd 
  • General and Systematic Pathology: Underwood
  • Gray's Anatomy for Students: Drake
  • Pharmacology: Rang and Dale 
  • Principles and Practice of Medicine: Davidson
Links into the individual titles have been added to SAULCAT, the Library catalogue. 

Off-campus access: use your University Username and Password

19 September 2011

New Student? - some useful e-resources

If you're a new student - Welcome!  You'll become familiar with our great range of e-resources (databases, e-books, e-journals) during your studies, but here are a few which you might use often:
We have many other databases in most subjects, available 24/7, both on- and off-campus -  so take your time, have a browse, ask us if you need advice ... enjoy