23 September 2011

British Cartoon Archive - now includes Giles Archive of political cartoons

"Grandma" by Giles
© Express Newspapers
Over 15,000 cartoons from the Carl Giles Archive, held in the British Cartoon Archive at the University of Kent, have been digitised and made available for teaching, learning and research.

The Giles Collection is the single most important archive of British newspaper cartoons, and a major resource for British political and social history. It includes rare seaside postcards as well as political cartoons.

This JISC-funded digitisation project expands the holdings of the British Cartoon Archive which holds the national collection of British social and political cartoons.

This archive already represents the work of over 250 British cartoonists and is widely used for research and teaching.  The Giles Collection is cross-searchable with the 123,000 other images in this archive.

NB: due to JISC funding, HE UK staff and students can use images from the Giles Collection, free of charge for educational purposes; see full copyright information 

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