3 October 2011

Get to grips with BoB (Box of Broadcasts) National

If you're new to BoB, our 24/7 online TV and radio streaming subscription, and want to get the most of out of it, read on ...

You can view four short introductory video tutorials, on the BoB site.
If you haven't accessed BoB before, you'll need to register the first time you use it:
  • type 'St Andrews' into the 'Where are you from' box
  • click on 'University of St Andrews'
  • then 'Go to Login', enter your University Account details, and select 'New User'
  • on the Preferences form, complete the User Information and Account Information areas
  • make sure you add your University e-mail address
  • click on Update
  • then click on the link in the e-mail you'll receive, confirming your registration - and that's it!
For all subsequent logins, just login to BoB using your University Username and Password

For lots more information about BoB, please see earlier blog entries

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