10 October 2011

JISC Historic Books - forthcoming enhancements

Some new enhancements to the JISC Historic Books platform will be released at the end of October 2011. They include:

PDF Download
 - you will be able to download a single page, a selection of pages or an entire book as a PDF file, within the Historic Book viewer

Download information to reference management tools
 - using the same download option, you will be able to download Historic Book information into reference management tools

Advanced Search
 - this will allow you to search specific fields - initially Author, Title, Bib Name/Number (eg. WING number), Imprint and Place of Publication

You will also be able to restrict your search by date and database (eg to EEBO (Early English Books Online) books only, for example).

EEBO records enhancement
 - records for EEBO (Early English Books Online) are also being improved and expanded to enhance searching

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