19 October 2011

SEEKER Snippet 12: why isn't full-text available for all search results?

SEEKER searches across a wide range of the Library's online database subscriptions, as well as SAULCAT, the Library catalogue.

Many of these databases provide full-text search results, but not all - some are specialised indexing or abstracting databases, which can help you discover published research in a certain area.

Indexing databases - such as Philosopher's Index - index the content of many journals, usually in a specific subject, and provide bibliographic details (author, title, article details) of published secondary source material.  Abstracting databases - such as Historical Abstracts - also provide a brief summary (abstract) of the article.

Comprehensive research, especially at advanced level, will involve searching across a range of resources, not only ones which provide full-text.

Most SEEKER search results will link to full-text where we have access; however, since thousands of journals are covered by the indexing and abstracting databases included in SEEKER, it's inevitable that there will be some journals that we don't have full-text access to.

NB: You can limit your SEEKER search results to full-text or available material only by using the ‘Refine your Results’ checkboxes (to the left of your SEEKER search results)

NB: remember that we can get you copies of articles which we don't hold, through the Library's Interlibrary Loans service

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