18 October 2011

Trial e-Resources - EIU Market Indicators & Forecasts and EIU Country Data

Our free trial of the EIU Market Indicators and Forecasts + EIU Country Data databases has just begun.  

The trial will end on 17 November 2011.

EIU Market Indicators and Forecasts provides global market indicators and forecasts back to 1990; economic, demographic, consumption and industry forecasts for 60 major markets worldwide, over the next five years, and longer-term economic projections. 

EIU Country Data gives economic indicators and forecasts, covering 317 series for 201 countries, as well as 45 regional aggregates, from 1980, and forecasting over five years.

Access is from on-campus via the following url: http://eiu.bvdep.com\ip (University staff and students only)

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