20 November 2011

Trial e-Resource - International Studies Online

We have trial access to the International Studies Online database, the online version of the 12-volume International Studies Encyclopedia, until 14 December 2011.

International Studies Online is the result of The International Studies Compendium Project, published in association with the International Studies Association.

It is is the 'first major reference work of this scale' in international studies and international relations.

It includes over 400 specially-commissioned, peer reviewed essays of up to 10,000 words, written and edited by an international team of academics.

It also offers live links to archives, datasets, cases, teaching aids, etc., and is updated twice annually.
      Different sections include:
      • Diplomatic Studies
      • Ethnicity, Nationalism and Migration
      • Feminist Theory and Gender Studies
      • Foreign Policy Analysis
      • Global Development Studies
      • Human Rights
      • Intelligence Studies
      • International Communication
      • International Ethics
      • International Organization
      • International Political Economy
      • International Security Studies
      • Peace Studies
      • Post-Communist States in IR
      NB: International Studies Online also includes a live discussion forum

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