30 June 2011

New e-Resource - Mass Observation Online II

Park Mill  
© Bolton Museum
Mass Observation Online covers the cultural and social history of Britain between 1937-1972. University staff and students have permanent access to this important database.

Mass Observation Update II provides access to a further 200,000 pages, including:

  • War Year Diaries, 1943-45
  • The Directives for 1943-45
  • five new Topic Collections: Smoking Habits 1937-1965, Drinking Habits, Gambling, Posters 1939-1947, and the Britain Can Make it Exhibition 1946
  • The entire Worktown Collection - a major study carried out in Bolton and Blackpool between 1937 and 1940
NB:  the earlier Mass Observation Update I added the Diaries and Directives for 1941-42 and new topic collections covering: Films 1936-1948, Reading Habits 1937-1947, Dreams 1937-1948, Religion 1937-1950, Victory Celebrations 1945-1946, and Capital Punishment

29 June 2011

New e-Resource - Medieval Family Life

Hunting and haymaking
© British Library
A fascinating new e-resource - Medieval Family Life - is now available, on a permanent access basis.

It contains digital versions of the only five major family letter collections from 15th Century England.

The Paston, Cely, Plumpton, Stonor and Armburgh family papers document, and offer insights into, the world of medieval family, business, relationships, trade, politics and community - from arranging advantageous marriages and inheritance, to estate management and financial dealings, to women and their role within the family.

Full colour images of the original medieval manuscripts that comprise these letter collections are provided, together with full text searchable transcripts from the printed editions, where available.  You can view the original images and the transcripts, side by side.

Additional resources include a chronology, a glossary, a gallery of medieval images and interactive map, family trees, links to related scholarly websites, etc., and make this a valuable teaching and research resource.

Off-campus access: use your University Username and Password 

26 June 2011

JSTOR and other databases - change of off-campus access method

JSTOR and a number of other databases no longer use ATHENS for off-campus access.

To login from off-campus, you will now use the same University Username and Password that you use to access your e-mail.

Databases which no longer use ATHENS include:
  • Credo Reference
  • Emerald
  • Expanded Academic ASAP
  • Global Market Information Database
  • IngentaConnect journals
  • Literature Online
  • Oxford English Dictionary
  • ScienceDirect
  • SpringerLINK
  • Web of Knowledge
    and many others. You will continue to have access to all these databases, but they will no longer be listed on the list of resources that you see when you log in through ATHENS.

    ATHENS access will be completely phased out by the end of July, as explained in this earlier blog entry.

    Instead, your off-campus access route into all databases will be via the A-Z Databases page, or SAULCAT, or the E-Journals pages

    If you have any questions or concerns, please get in touch.

    24 June 2011

    Darwin's personal library goes online

    Charles Darwin's personal scientific library is now viewable online.

    His library of 1,480 books includes 730 with notes and comments scribbled in their margins. These are now being digitised, and 330 of the most heavily annotated books can now be viewed online at the Biodiversity Heritage Library.

    Transcriptions accompany each page and permit you a fascinating insight into those passages which Darwin found relevant to his work, those which stimulated his thought processes - and those which he disagreed with.

    For example, his friend, Charles Lyell, wrote in his Principles of Geology that there were definite limits to the variation of species.  Darwin wrote alongside this: 'If this were true, adios theory'.

    23 June 2011

    New e-Resources - Moscow Times and Russian journals

    Following a successful trial, we have now subscribed to three Russia-based databases from East View Information Services:
         Russian national news, current events, economic developments and cultural events

         full-text journals in sociology, philosophy, history, economy, pedagogy, politics and law, many published by the Russian Academy of Sciences

         Moscow State University publications covering chemistry, economy, history, law, mathematics, and more.

    Individual links into all the journals included in these databases, will be added to SAULCAT.

    22 June 2011

    Sic a Braw Idea * - Scots Words and Place-names Project

    Do you like a smoodge, a swallie, or a peeve? Has the weather in your part of Scotland been oorie, chilpy or dreich?

    The Scots Words and Place-names (SWAP) project, based at the University of Glasgow, wants to find out how people in different parts of Scotland are using Scots words in their everyday lives.

    Got any favourite Scots words to contribute? - let SWAP know via their Twitter feed and Facebook page - and help to form new dictionaries of the Scots language.

    * such a good idea

    21 June 2011

    Books 24x7 ITPro - IT and Computer Science e-book collection

    A reminder that we have access to the Books 24x7 ITPro e-book collection..

    Books 24x7 contains over 7,000 full-text e-books covering a wide range of technology topics and skill levels - hardware, software engineering, programming languages, coding methodologies, network security, operating systems, telecom protocols, IT asset management strategies, Oracle and IBM technologies, etc. (Flyer)

    Links into the individual e-book titles will be added to SAULCAT.

    NB: On- and off-campus access: use University Computer Account Username and Password (Shibbolised access)

    NB: we have limited concurrent accesses to this collection, so please try again if you need to

    20 June 2011

    SAULCAT upgrade is now complete

    SAULCAT server upgrade issues have been now resolved and normal service has resumed. SAULCAT, the Library catalogue, is now available and recalls of Library material can be made.  
    The Library apologises for the inconvenience caused by this unplanned downtime.

    17 June 2011

    SAULCAT server upgrade - SEEKER and COPAC are available

    Although SAULCAT, the Library catalogue, is temporarily unavailable due to server upgrade issues, it's worth noting that SEEKER, our new search service, can be used to identify and allow access to the Library's e-books.

    Links from SEEKER into SAULCAT aren't active at the moment, but access to our thousands of e-books is working normally.

    You can also use COPAC to check the holdings and location of an item, although details of current loan status and online recalls will only be available once the SAULCAT server upgrade has been resolved.

    16 June 2011

    Oxford DNB - podcasts of notable biographies

    Hear how the ear works
    Heard about the Oxford DNB (Dictionary of National Biography) podcast?

    The ODNB is a fascinating resource. It contains nearly 57,800 commissioned biographies of the people who 'shaped the history of the British Isles and beyond, from the 4th century BC to the 21st Century'.

    It includes over 10,820 portraits, featured essays, themed collections of biographies, links to web resources such as the National Register of Archives, a Life of the Day feature, RSS feeds, etc.

    It also now offers a podcast of a biography, every two weeks.  Each one lasts between 10 and 25 minutes.

    125 podcasts are currently available - from Jimi Hendrix and Sweeney Todd, the murderer, to Princess Caraboo, nineteenth century impostor, and Captain Oates, Antarctic explorer.

    NB: search using the podcast map, browse the complete archive, or click on faces in the gallery to hear their stories

    14 June 2011

    Yale Digital Commons - free access to image collections

    Zebra, George Stubbs
    Yale University

    From images of a sonata written in Mozart's own hand ... to polar bear skin breeches ... to a William Blake watercolour ...

    Enjoy free access to high-quality digital images of objects in Yale University's museum, archive and library collections, thanks to its recent open access policy.

    More than 250,000 images are available so far, through a new Digital Commons Catalogue which will eventually provide access to millions of images. View sample images

    Coverage is particularly strong in natural history (over 12 million objects covering anthropology to vertebrate zoology); fine art; rare books, manuscripts and maps, prints, drawings and photographs.

    You can also search over 1,500,000 digital images from the Yale University Art Gallery, the Yale Center for British Art, the Yale Peabody Museum, the Lewis Walpole Library Print and Drawings, and the Yale University Library Map Collection, as well as iTunes podcasts produced by the Office of Digital Dissemination.

    NB: no license is required for access and no limitations are placed on the use of these images for study, publication, or teaching

    10 June 2011

    Trial e-Resource - Elsevier Medical e-Textbooks

    We've been given free trial access to Elsevier e-Textbooks, a collection of core medical and nursing texts, until 6 July 2011.

    Titles include:
    • Clinical Medicine: Kumar and Clark
    • Pharmacology: Rang and Dale
    • Gray's Anatomy for Students: Drake
    • General and Systematic Pathology: Underwood
    Once you've accessed using the link above, just click on 'Read It' to open each searchable e-book - no login details are required.

    We're very keen to get feedback about all our database trials, so if you use them, please let us know what you think!

    9 June 2011

    SEEKER Snippet 6: the use of truncation in searching

    In SEEKER, you can search for all forms of a word, using a truncation symbol.

    Simply type in a search term and replace the ending with an asterisk (*).

    So, typing in comput* will find computer or computing, and any other words beginning with this word stem.

    8 June 2011

    Trial e-Resource - Unbound Medicine (mobile access to e-textbooks)

    We currently have a short trial of Unbound Medicine, an innovative collection of clinical e-textbook titles developed as interactive apps for mobile devices. The trial will run until 30 June 2011.

    E-texts can be downloaded - using an app from iTunes - to a range of mobiles, including iOS (iPhone, iPod touch, iPad), Android, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, etc.  The texts can also be accessed online, and also searched with Medline.

    Once downloaded, up-to-date medical information can be consulted quickly and easily, with no need for a wireless connection.  To download:
    • access Unbound Medicine from an on-campus computer
    • click 'Register' for mobile download
    • accept the license agreement, and self-register
    • then follow the brief download instructions which you'll receive
    The three titles being trialled are:
      • Harrison's Manual of Medicine
        quick access to over 600 topics in internal medicine. This authoritative internal medicine reference reflects the latest advances in medical practice

      • 5-Minute Clinical Consult
        delivers fast, focused guidance on more than 900 medical conditions. Also includes 200 pediatric topics, McGraw-Hill’s Diagnosaurus, dermatology images, and medical news RSS feeds

      • The Merck Manual of Patient Symptoms
        allows quick review of etiology, evaluation, and immediate treatment of 88 presenting symptoms, etc.

        This is an interesting new service, and we would appreciate your feedback

        7 June 2011

        FindAnyFilm.com - find films fast

        Interested in finding out if a particular film is currently available to watch, buy, download or rent in the UK, in any format? - FindAnyFilm.com can help.

        This free service is the result of a collaboration between the UK Film Council, the Industry Trust, exhibitors and distributors, and offers a comprehensive search engine for high-quality, legally available films.

        It will help you to locate films in different formats - cinema, TV, DVD, downloads, Blu-ray, etc.

        NB: do remember that you can find and access many films through our wide range of moving image e-resources and via BoB (Box of Broadcasts) National, our online TV and radio streaming service subscription 

        3 June 2011

        Datastream Advance Training Session - 9 June 2011

        Want to find out how to use the Datastream Advance financial markets and analysis database, and learn how to get the most out of it?

        ... then come along to next week’s Workshop, to be held by Datastream training staff.
        • Date: Thursday 9 June
        • Time: 10.00 (it will last approximately 1 hour, with time for questions)
        • Place: Lecture Room 2, Level 3, Gateway Building, North Haugh
        The workshop is suitable for new users, or as a refresher, and there will be a chance to get your questions answered. 

        To book a place, please get in touch, and provide details of your course and School.

        NB: online training sessions and tutorials are also available at: http://training.thomsonreuters.com/; simply select Datastream on the drop-down menu at the top of the page

        2 June 2011

        Gale NewsVault - cross-search multiple historical newspaper archives

        Gale NewsVault offers the definitive cross-searching platform for exploring some of our Gale historical newspaper databases.  You can search or browse across all the following full-text newspaper archives, at one time: 
        • Burney Collection (17th and 18th Century Newspapers)
        • Economist Historical Archive 1843-2006
        • Financial Times Historical Archive 1888-2006
        • Illustrated London News Historical Archive 1842-2003
        • Nineteenth Century British Library Newspapers, Parts I and II
        • Nineteenth Century UK Periodicals
        • Times Digital Archive 1785-1985
        • Times Literary Supplement Historical Archive 1902-2005
        Gale NewsVault allows you to:
        • search across over 10 million digitised pages of historic newspapers, with one search
        • discover over 400 years of content, from the 1600s to the 21st Century
        NB:  a Gale NewsVault search may help you to retrieve useful information from unexpected sources - for example, the Financial Times contains a significant amount of arts content, while The Times Digital Archive is a rich source of historical financial news

        1 June 2011

        SEEKER Snippet 5: how to view search results from a specific database

        It's easy to view your SEEKER search results which have been retrieved from a specific database eg JSTOR, PsycINFO, Business Source Premier, Science Citation Index, etc:
        • once you see your search results, click on Content Provider (bottom of left-hand menu)
        • then click on Show More, beneath this
        • a list of the databases which have results for your search will appear
        • check the boxes next to the database(s) you want to see the search results from, and click on Update
        • only results from your selected database(s) will then be shown
        NB:  only databases which contain results for your current search will be listed - so you will see different lists of databases for different searches

        NB:  a large number of databases are included in the EDS Foundation Index (which appears on the list of Content Providers), but are not listed individually.  A list of these databases will be posted later.