30 July 2011

Wellcome Arabic Medical Manuscripts - now online

The Wellcome Library’s collection of over 1,000 Arabic medical manuscripts will be fully online over the summer.  Over 120 manuscript records are currently available to view.

Arabic medicine was once the most advanced in the world and complete digital facsimiles of some of its most important texts are now freely available online. 

The manuscripts can be searched or browsed, and compared side-by-side on the screen to highlight any differences. 

26 July 2011

ATHENS accounts - no longer used after this week

A reminder that ATHENS accounts (for off-campus access to e-resources) are being phased out at the end of this week, in favour of University Username and Password access.

Please note - you will continue to see ATHENS logins on many e-resources, but these are no longer relevant to you, and you should ignore them. (Some Universities will continue to use ATHENS).

NB: It's possible that you may encounter some temporary access isssues, due to the complexity and volume of the changes that have been made, so please report them if so, and allow us time to get them resolved

25 July 2011

RefWorks accounts - transfer away from ATHENS

If you hold a RefWorks account, you will need to transfer it by 31 July, as part of the move away from ATHENS to University Username and Password (Shibbolised) access.  ATHENS accounts are being phased out by 31 July.

Detailed instructions have been sent to all account holders, but if you are unable to move your account or didn't receive instructions, please contact support@refworks-cos.com, to gain access to your account. Your RefWorks account will not be deleted.

If you need any assistance, do please get in touch.

NB: RefWorks is an online bibliographic management program that allows you to create a personal database of references, generate bibliographies in a variety of formats, etc

21 July 2011

SEEKER Snippet 9: e-mail alerts and RSS feeds of new material

Use the Sign In tab in SEEKER to create a personal account, and then you can:
  • save and retrieve your search history
  • create email alerts and/or RSS feeds for new material being added, of interest to you
  • access your saved search results from off-campus
  • ... and save your preferences
Details of other personalisation features were given in SEEKER Snippet 7

19 July 2011

New e-Resource - British Literary Manuscripts: Medieval and Renaissance

A welcome addition to our e-resources collection is British Literary Manuscripts Online: Medieval and Renaissance.

This unique digital archive offers permanent access to hundreds of thousands of facsimile images of literary manuscripts - letters, poems, stories, plays, chronicles, religious writings, and other material, from between 1120 - 1660. (more detail)

It covers the works of more than 1,000 authors and provides insights into the culture and context surrounding centuries of British literary achievement.  This period witnessed the movement of literature from the elite to the masses, and revolutionary changes in society, religion, commerce and culture.

This collection includes many rare and previously inaccessible works from the British Library, and many of the Harvester Microfilm collections of manuscripts. Highlights include:
  • Anglo-Saxon Chronicle: The Abingdon Chronicle II (Cotton MS. Tiberius B i.)
  • William Langland's Visio Willelmi de Petro Ploughman or "William's Vision of Piers Ploughman"
  • Marie de France's Le Lai de Launval
  • Sermo Lupi ad Anglos - "The Sermon of the Wolf" by Wulfstan II, Archbishop of York (Cotton Nero A. i)
British Literary Manuscripts Online: Medieval and Renaissance is an invaluable resource for English, History, and Religious Studies.

18 July 2011

Phasing out of ATHENS - webpages in transition

As part of the phasing out of ATHENS authentication (used for off-campus access to many of the Library’s online databases), a large number of changes need to be made to certain webpages, SAULCAT records, etc.

All efforts are being made to ensure that these will be in place soon, but due to the sheer scale of changes required, it's possible that some information may not be consistent, initially.  Please bear with us, during this transitional period.

In future, off-campus access to databases will be via the following:
  • A-Z Databases page
  • the Quick Links to Databases menu on this page (this menu will list all the databases, soon)
  • SAULCAT,  the Library catalogue
  • and the E-Journals pages also link to individual e-journals (which are also listed in SAULCAT)
Details are being altered on these pages, and in SAULCAT, but if you’re not sure of the current off-campus access method to use, please check the A-Z Databases page.

(From 1 August 2011, you will use your University Username and Password - the same as you would use to access your University e-mail - for off-campus access to those databases which formerly used ATHENS)

13 July 2011

SEEKER Snippet 8: see which databases contain your search results

SEEKER allows you to do a single search across a large number of databases bought by the Library.

You can find out which databases contain your search results, if you:
  • click on Content Provider (bottom of left-hand menu on your search results screen)
  • then select Show More to see all the databases with results - the number in brackets shows the number of results found
  • you can then view results from a specific database, or sort by number of results, or by database

11 July 2011

New e-Resource - Picture Post Historical Archive

© Getty Images/Gale
After a successful trial, the Picture Post Historical Archive has been added to the Library's range of electronic databases.

This unique archive of the complete Picture Post, the pioneering illustrated newspaper published in Britain between 1938-1957, contains thousands of images.

Innovative use of photojournalism
provides a fascinating visual record of British life during this pre-television era, with thousands of photos of ordinary people doing ordinary things - all captured for posterity.

captures a crucial period of 20th century history, in images - from shots of daily life to serious and history-defining moments of domestic and international affairs. 

Picture Post is an invaluable resource for research in media, journalism, history and photography, and for studying how international social and political issues of the day were brought into popular consciousness.

7 July 2011

Visualising China - images of China between 1850-1950

Visualising China is a unique new free archive of more than 8,000 rare photographs of Chinese life, between 1850-1950.

This JISC-funded project provides access to major collections such as Historical Photographs of China, the Sir Robert Hart Collection and Joseph Needham's Photographs of Wartime China, as well as many previously unseen albums, envelopes and private collections.

NB:  you can:
  • organise your saved images on to "workbenches" (self-registration required)
  • download low-resolution images 
  • add comments and annotations to the images
  • search the collection in various ways - by word, date ranges, photographer, people depicted, maps and classification terms

4 July 2011

SEEKER Snippet 7: how to save and organise your search results

Did you know that you can personalise your use of SEEKER?  

Use the Sign In tab to create a personal account, and you can then:
  • create notes, save bookmarks, images, permanent links, videos, etc
  • organize your search results into folders
  • and share your folders with others, or view other shared folders