20 November 2011

Trial e-Resource - International Studies Online

We have trial access to the International Studies Online database, the online version of the 12-volume International Studies Encyclopedia, until 14 December 2011.

International Studies Online is the result of The International Studies Compendium Project, published in association with the International Studies Association.

It is is the 'first major reference work of this scale' in international studies and international relations.

It includes over 400 specially-commissioned, peer reviewed essays of up to 10,000 words, written and edited by an international team of academics.

It also offers live links to archives, datasets, cases, teaching aids, etc., and is updated twice annually.
      Different sections include:
      • Diplomatic Studies
      • Ethnicity, Nationalism and Migration
      • Feminist Theory and Gender Studies
      • Foreign Policy Analysis
      • Global Development Studies
      • Human Rights
      • Intelligence Studies
      • International Communication
      • International Ethics
      • International Organization
      • International Political Economy
      • International Security Studies
      • Peace Studies
      • Post-Communist States in IR
      NB: International Studies Online also includes a live discussion forum

      15 November 2011

      Special offer - free dvd copies of earlier TV programmes

      Missed a TV programme, aired between 1995-2006, that you wanted for teaching or research? - we may be able to get a DVD copy for you.

      All you need to do is:
      • login to TRILT, the Television and Radio Index for Learning and Teaching database
      • use your University account details
      • identify programmes from BBC1-4, ITV1, C4 or C5
      • and request a free DVD copy, via TRILT, if it is available
      TRILT lists programmes back to 1995, and supplements BoB (Box of Broadcasts) National, the TV/radio streaming service which covers programmes between 2006-present.

      Once received, DVDs are held in the Library's extensive DVD collection on Level 2, and details added to SAULCAT.  They can be viewed in the Library or borrowed for teaching.

      14 November 2011

      Keep up to date with the Library - Twitter and Facebook

      Keep up-to-date with new developments and any issues affecting the Library's e-resources, by checking:
      Both are updated several times a week, so please check back regularly.

      As well as highlighting any database changes or issues, Twitter and Facebook also publicise many other aspects of the Library service - opening hours, database trials, new services and innovations, Rare Books, Library blogs, Library redevelopment, surveys, lectures and events, etc.

      You'll find the Twitter and Facebook links on the Library Home page.  Feel free to follow us.

      Comments and suggestions would be appreciated!

      13 November 2011

      Royal Society journal archive - now freely accessible

      *  Benjamin Franklin's
      kite experiment

      The Royal Society has made its world-renowned journal archive, freely accessible, on a permanent basis.  

      The Society is the world’s oldest scientific publisher, with Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, the very first peer-reviewed scientific journal, appearing in 1665. 

      The archive offers over 60,000 full-text scientific papers, and provides an unrivalled historical record of the evolution of science, that spans nearly 350 years.

      The opening up of the archive is part of the Royal Society’s ongoing commitment to open access in scientific publishing, and follows the publication of Open Biology, the Society's first ever fully open access journal.

      * © Bridgeman Art Library/ Private Collection

      10 November 2011

      ASFA: Aquatic Sciences and Fisheries Abstracts

      A reminder that we have access to the ASFA: Aquatic Sciences and Fisheries Abstracts database, the premier tool for finding published research in marine biology and aquatic sciences.

      Over 5,000 journals, books, reports, conference proceedings, etc., are indexed by this e-resource. Abstracts (short summaries) are also provided.

      ASFA includes the following subsets, all of which can be searched simultaneously
      Off-campus access: login with your University account details.

        9 November 2011

        Free SpringerLink App

        Research on the move - login to SpringerLink wherever you are, by downloading the new free App from the iTunes store.

        a full-text database platform for journals, e-books, handbooks, book series, etc., published by Springer, and covering every area of science, technology and medicine.

        Our subscription provides full-text access to all Springer e-journals from 1997- onward, as well as permanent access to the complete Springer eBook Collection of over 30,000 English-language titles, published between 2005-2011.

        Links to each Springer journal and e-book have been added to SAULCAT.

        NB: the Springer eBook Collection includes permanent full-text access to Lecture Notes in Physics (LNP), Mathematics (LNM) and Computer Science (LNCS), plus any sub-series, published between 1997-2011.

        3 November 2011

        Trial e-Resource - State Papers Online Part IV: The Stuarts: James to Anne, 1603-1714

        Queen Anne
        © Gale Cengage
        We have trial access to State Papers Online Part IV: The Stuarts: James to Anne, 1603-1714: State Papers Foreign, Ireland and Registers of the Privy Council, until 2 December 2011.

        State Papers Online 1509-1714 is a large digital manuscript archive offering over 3 million pages of 16th and 17th Century State Papers (Domestic, Foreign, Scotland, Ireland) and Registers of the Privy Council, relevant to research in political, governmental, social, economic, and religious history (factsheet).

        State Papers Online Part IV covers the 17th Century, one of the most turbulent periods of transition and unrest in British and European history.  It offers a wealth of full-text primary source documents which detail great international themes of this time - the Thirty Years’ War, the Great Turkish War, the end of the Dutch Revolt, the English Civil War, etc.

        Wars and treaties, revolutions, marriage alliances, trade and commerce and religion, are all themes covered by this final installment of the four-part archive.

        A Username and Password are required for access - please get in touch to request these (University staff and students only), then use our trial access.

        NB: The Library already holds permanent access to State Papers Online Parts I-III