23 January 2012

New e-Resource - Italian Reformation

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A reminder that we have access to the Italian Reformation, Part 1 (Primary Sources Online) database. 

This is a collection of main primary texts which summarise the diversity of the theological profile of the Italian Reformation, as held by the Fondo Guicciardini, Central National Library, Florence.

Research has shown that the Italian Reformation movement spread widely, reaching not only clerical, intellectual and aristocratic elites in the cities but also merchants, artisans, and farmers, even in remote areas of Calabria and Sicily.  

145 e-book records covering this early printed book and manuscript content have been added to SAULCAT. 

This e-resource helps to promote a deeper understanding of Italian Reformation history.

NB: Please note that certain system requirements are essential in order to access this e-resource, including the requirement to download the DjVu browser plugin

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