14 March 2012

New e-Resource - Thesaurus Lingua Latinae

A reminder that we have access to the Thesaurus Lingua Latinae database.

TLL Online is a comprehensive, ongoing scholarly dictionary of ancient Latin from the earliest times through AD 600.
The contents of the electronic edition correspond to those of the complete printed version of the Thesaurus.

TLL currently contains:
  • all lexicon articles published between 1900-2008 (letters A-M, O, P-pomifer, porta-pulso) 
  • the two separately published Onomasticon volumes (Nomina propria Latina, Vol. II: C–Cyzistra, Vol. III: D–Dzoni)
  • the Index Librorum 
  • and the Praemonenda de rationibus et usu operis (a multilingual introduction to the printed Thesaurus)
New fascicles will be added yearly. User Guide.

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