31 May 2012

Trial e-Resource - InteractElsevier 3D Anatomy Series

Take a look at our free trial of a real-time interactive 3D anatomy model software. 

InteractElsevier 3D Anatomy uses advanced gaming technology to provide a realistic environment for virtual dissection and the exploration of human anatomy.
  • www.InteractElsevier.com  (on-campus access only) 
  • click Login, on the next page
  • then, click Group Access in the pop-up box which appears
  • launch Elsevier's 3D Interactive Anatomy
  • then, download and instal the 3VIA Player software
  • choose the 'click here if you are a new user' box -  (the software will take a few minutes to load)
  • then you can start using Elsevier's 3D Interactive Anatomy
  • this process only needs to be done the first time you access

30 May 2012

SEEKER Snippet 14: restrict your search by category of material

New source types limits have been added to SEEKER, to allow you to refine your search results to a particular category of material.  (SEEKER allows you to do a single search across most of the Library's e-resources).

To limit your search results to a range of different formats, simply:
  • do a search in SEEKER
  • choose 'Source Types' (on the left-hand menu)
  • and select the type(s) of format that you want your search results restricted to eg e-books, videos, etc
Search results can now be limited to

academic journals, periodicals, news, books, e-books, reviews, reports, conference materials, dissertations/theses, biographies, primary source documents, electronic resources, non-print resources, videos

29 May 2012

BBC Scotland and BBC Wales now in BoB (Box of Broadcasts)

BBC Scotland (1 & 2) and BBC Wales (1 & 2) are now included in BoB (Box of Broadcasts) National.

BoB is a shared recording and media archive service, providing streamed access to thousands of current and archived broadcasts from over fifty channels.

Our subscription offers University staff and students a range of great features - you can:
  • record TV and radio programmes
  • watch programmes from the thousands held indefinitely in the archive
  • search for programmes coming up in the next seven days
  • compile your favourite shows into playlists
  • create clips
  • share with others, etc.
NB: to find earlier blog posts about BoB, use the searchbox on the right, to search for 'BoB'.

28 May 2012

Trial access to e-books in Film & Media, Drama & Theatre

Our trial of over 12,000 Cambridge Books Online, from Cambridge University Press is scheduled to run until 9 July 2012.
It currently offers 93 Film and Media e-books:
and 88 e-books in Drama and Theatre
NB: Each individual e-book has been added to SAULCAT, the Library's online catalogue.  

These all link to a Feedback form, so that you can let us know of any titles that you particularly like

27 May 2012

Web demo of Statistical Accounts of Scotland 1791-1845

The two Statistical Accounts of Scotland are among the best contemporary reports of Scottish life during the agricultural and industrial revolutions in 1790s and the 1830s.

Based largely on information supplied by church ministers in the 938 Scottish parishes, they provide a fascinating record of a wide range of topics:
wealth, class and poverty; climate, agriculture, fishing and wildlife; population, schools, and the moral health of the people.

The reports have been scanned and transcribed, so that you can:
  • search the transcribed text
  • browse the scanned images
  • download parish reports
  • link from each parish to the Gazetteer for Scotland ...etc
Use this resource to study the emergence of the modern British State and the economic and social impact of the world's first industrial nation.

25 May 2012

Trial access to over 490 Psychology e-books

You have free online access to over 490 Psychology e-books, as part of our free trial of over 12,000 Cambridge Books Online e-books (see earlier post).
NB: Each individual e-book has been added to SAULCAT, the Library's online catalogue.  

These all link to a Feedback form, so that you can let us know of any titles which you would like to have continued access to, after the trial ends in July

21 May 2012

New Family and Local History blog from the NLS

A new Family and Local History blog has been launched on the National Library of Scotland's website.

Written by staff in Reference Services, the blog will highlight Scottish material in the NLS collection which may be of interest to local and family historians.

Current posts provide information as varied as details of readers' workshops, the Statistical Account for Scotland, mining deaths and Scots in Argentina and Patagonia.
Frequently updated, it will also link to external resources which contain interesting genealogical information.

17 May 2012

Trial access to over 978 e-books in Economics

You have free trial access to over 978 e-books in Economics, until 9 July 2012.  

These titles are included in our Cambridge Books Online trial of over 12,000 e-books (see earlier post).
All the individual e-book titles have been added to SAULCAT, the Library's online catalogue.

NB: Feedback forms from each e-book record in SAULCAT, allows you to recommend continued access to titles, after the end of the free trial- please let us know of any that you would like.

15 May 2012

Who's watched what in BoB?

Just some of the 184,684 programmes accessed in BoB (Box of Broadcasts) National, our online TV and radio streaming service, over the last year:
If you haven't used it yet, do check it out (sign in with your University account Username and Password)