8 May 2012

Trial e-Resource - Book Citation Index from Thomson Reuters

We have a 3-month free trial of the Book Citation Index database, from Thomson Reuters, until the beginning of August 2012.

The Book Citation Index can be accessed through our Web of Science subscription.

It expands the citation coverage of WoS by adding scholarly books to core research journals and conference proceedings, and counts the number of times a book or a chapter in a book is cited in other published works. 

Over 30,000 books are currently covered, from 2005 onward (providing more than 15.7 million new cited references), and 10,000 new book titles will be added each year.  34% of the books are in the Social and Behavioural Sciences; 18% is in Arts and Humanities; the rest are books in the Sciences.

A search of Web of Science will now automatically include books in the results, but you can also choose to search Book Citation Index only - simply choose Book Citation Index under search limits in WoS.

See how Book Citation Index works 

Book Citation Index will prove helpful for the Research Excellence Framework (REF) exercise to assess the quality of research in UK HEIs, to be completed in 2014. 

The cited reference indexing and analysis capabilities within Web of Science allow you to produce productivity and performance metrics for specific institutions and researchers, and local institutional output. 

The information provided by BCI includes:
  • accurate citation counts from journals, conference proceedings, and books
  • Times Cited counts for books and book chapters
  • full bibliographies from books and book chapters
... for those interested in more detail, some information about Book Citation Index's selection criteria to ensure that it offers the most timely, relevant and significant scholarship.

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