25 June 2012

New e-Resource - Biomedical & Life Sciences Collection (Henry Stewart Talks)

The Biomedical & Life Sciences Collection, produced by Henry Stewart Talks, is an exciting new addition to the Library's e-resources.

Enjoy permanent access to this growing collection of over 1,400 specially commissioned seminar-style online talks by leading world experts, including Nobel Laureates.

Talks cover the latest research and developments as well as the fundamentals and can be used as research and continuing professional development briefings, as well as to update students on the latest developments in a subject. All talks can be viewed as often as required.

New talks are added monthly (register for updates).

Links to all talks will be added to SAULCAT soon, to simplify access, and off-campus access will be available shortly, too.

Biomedical & Life Sciences Collection Facebook page

Feedback about this resource would be welcomed - please take time to tell us what you think.

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