27 June 2012

New e-Resource - Ethnographic Video Online

Following a very successful earlier trial, the Library has purchased permanent access to the Ethnographic Video Online database, from Alexander Street Press.

is global in scope, currently provides over 802 online streamed videos and is a
comprehensive resource for the study of human culture and behaviour.  It will include over 750 hours and 1,000 films at completion.

It features the work of many influential 20th century documentary filmmakers, for example:
  •   Robert Gardner (Dead Birds, Ika Hands, The Nuer)
  •   John Marshall (The Hunters, A Kalahari Family)
  •   Timothy Asch (The Ax Fight with Napoleon Chagnon, A Balinese Trance Seance)
  •   Melissa Llewelyn-Davies (Diary of a Maasai Village).
and includes interviews, previously unreleased raw footage, field notes, study guides, and more.

Subjects covered include: language and culture, kinesthetics, body language, food and foraging, cooking, economic systems, social stratification and status, caste systems and slavery, male and female roles, kinship and families, political organization, conflict and conflict resolution, religion and magic, music and the arts, culture and personality, and sex, gender, and family roles.

Off-campus access
uses your University Username and Password.

NB: You can create annotated video playlists which can be shared with others.

Feedback would be appreciated, please.

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