28 June 2012

New e-Resource - MITCogNet

MITCogNet, a comprehensive platform for the brain and cognitive science community, developed by MIT Press, is an exciting addition to our portfolio of e-resources.

It provides access to an ever-growing collection of over 530 full-text MIT Press books; 10 major reference works, six MIT Press journals, conference proceedings, grey literature, etc.

It also includes abstracts from over 30 journals from Cambridge University Press, the British Psychological Society, Lawrence Erlbaum, etc.

MITCogNet is an essential resource for anyone interested in cutting-edge primary research into the understanding of the nature of the human mind, covering areas such as artificial intelligence, linguistics, neuroscience, psychology, philosophy and education. 

NB: Links to each e-book and e-journal will be added to SAULCAT soon, to simplify access, and off-campus access will be available shortly, too.

Feedback about this resource would be welcomed - please use the comments speech bubble below

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