28 September 2012

MITCogNet e-books now in SAULCAT

The Library recently took out a subscription to MITCogNet, a comprehensive platform for the brain and cognitive science community, developed by MIT Press.   

It covers areas such as artificial intelligence, linguistics, neuroscience, psychology, philosophy and education.

All the 530 full-text MIT Press books; 10 major reference works, six MIT Press journals, etc., which are contained in MITCogNet, have been added to SAULCAT, the Library catalogue, to improve discoverability.

This means that:
  • you can find specific MITCogNet e-books if you know which one you're looking for
  • or, if you're doing a Keyword search to search for useful material, you may retrieve details of relevant MITCogNet titles in your results
MITCogNet content will also be retrieved if you do a search in SEEKER, the Library's one-search service.

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