25 September 2012

Trial e-Resource - BioOne

We are very pleased to offer another free database trial - this time of BioOne, until 31 October 2012.

BioOne is the product of innovative collaboration between scientific societies, publishers, and libraries, to provide access to high-impact, peer-reviewed bioscience research journals.

It offers 171 high-quality biological, ecological and environmental science journals, from 129 not-for-profit publishers.

70% of the titles are ISI ranked and almost half of the current titles are exclusive to BioOne.

Subjects covered include: Biology, Ecology, Entomology, Environment, Forestry, Geology, Marine and Freshwater Biology, Limnology, Parasitology, Plant Science, Veterinary Science and Zoology.

Feedback would be appreciated, please.

NB: Mobile on- and off-campus access to BioOne (but please note that off-campus access is not available for a trial)

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