12 October 2012

Open Access e-Books - Living Books about Life

Living Books about Life represents an exciting new model for low-cost, open access publishing.

It is a series of freely-available, curated, open access e-books about life, which provides a bridge between the humanities and the sciences, and presents open access science research in engaging and innovative ways, using interactive maps, visualisations, podcasts, audio-visual material, etc.

All the books are ‘living' = open to ongoing collaborative processes of writing, editing, updating, remixing and commenting by readers. 

Living Books about Life is engaged in re-thinking ‘the book’as a 'living, collaborative endeavour in the age of open science, open education, open data and e-book readers such as Kindle and the iPad'.

(All these e-books are in SAULCAT, the Library catalogue)

Living Books about Life is the fruit of a JISC (Joint Information Systems Committee)-funded collaboration, published by Open Humanities Press.

Professor Gary Hall, the main speaker at our Open Access Week event - The humanities and Open Access: opportunities and challenges - is the co-founder of Open Humanities Press. 

Do come along and hear him speak!

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