29 October 2012

Trial e-Resource - Entertainment Industry Magazine Archive

We have been given a free trial of the  new Entertainment Industry Magazine Archive database, until 23 November 2012.

EIMA is an archive of essential, full-text primary sources.  It covers the history of a wide range of popular entertainment:
  • Film industry
  • Music business; Rock and pop; Jazz and blues
  • Theatre
  • Television
  • Radio
It includes core trade magazines such as Variety (1905-2000), Billboard (1894-2000), Broadcasting (1931-2000) and The Stage (1880-2000), etc., together with film fan magazines and music press titles such as New Musical Express (1946-2000) and Melody Maker (1926-2000).
Content includes a wide range of valuable research material - details of specific films, plays, actors, directors, TV series, film studios, musicians, genres, record labels, subcultures and youth movements, news items, interviews, photographs and illustrations, gossip columns, listings, reviews, charts and statistics, etc.

Images are © Proquest

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