2 November 2012

New e-Resource - Queen Victoria's Journals

© HM Queen Elizabeth II 2012
141 surviving volumes of Queen Victoria’s Journals have been digitised and made freely available to all UK Universities.

Every page - approximately 43,000, in total - of these volumes has been reproduced as high-resolution colour images, along with separate photographs of the many illustrations and inserts within the pages. 

The content also includes draft volumes and copies made by Lord Esher and Princess Beatrice.

These journals are a key primary source for researchers in 19th Century British political and social history, and for those working on gender and autobiographical writing.

The text of all the journals will be available as transcripts for easy reading and searching.

This project, between the Bodleian Libraries, Oxford and the Royal Archives, London, was sponsored by the Bodleian Libraries and some of their benefactors in return for continued open access in the UK, and on-site access at selected libraries in the Commonwealth realm.

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