15 November 2012

Going for Gold - Royal Society of Chemistry Open Access initiative

A reminder that The Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) recently announced a £1 million initiative to help British researchers pay for Open Access (OA) publishing. 

'Gold' Open Access requires authors to pay publishers a fee for article publication. 

'Green' Open Access, on the other hand, enables authors to self-archive published papers in open access repositories. 

'Gold for Gold' is an innovative experiment by the RSC which recognises institutes (including St Andrews) that subscribe to RSC Gold, a collection of 37 international full-text e-journals and databases.

RSC Gold subscribers are now to receive credit equal to the subscription paid.

This will allow researchers, who are increasingly asked to publish Open Access but often do not have funds for article publication fees, to make their paper available via Open Science, the RSC's Gold Open Access option.

See the Library's Open Access blog for more detail.

The Library has now consulted the School of Chemistry as to how these credits will be used.

The outcome is that any St Andrews researcher interested in making an RSC article open access, should contact open-access-support@st-andrews.ac.uk

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