10 December 2012

Away from St Andrews? Want access to e-resources?

Remember - when you're away from St Andrews, you can access most Library e-resources using your University Account Username and Password (the same as for University e-mail). 

See this earlier blog post for more details: 


Please note:

Bob (Box of Broadcasts) National, our online TV and radio streaming service subscription, operates under a licence specific to the UK:

'You may only access or use BoB in the territory of the United Kingdom. If you are in another country, the licence and associated exceptions in law do not apply and you cannot use BoB, even if you are an authorised user in the UK' 

This is one of the Conditions of Use stated in the Terms and Conditions that you agree to, when you first register to use BoB.

However ... as soon as you're back in the UK, BoB will be at your service again!

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