29 February 2012

OldMapsOnline - locating the past

OldMapsOnline - an extensive repository of historical maps from around the world - has just been launched.

It allows you to find and compare online digital historical maps, through time, in a highly visual way.
Just search for a place or click on the map, and narrow by date, to get direct links to a range of relevant maps. 

Over 60,000 maps are included, and this is set to double, by the end of 2012.

This JISC-funded project is hosted by the University of Portsmouth, and includes maps from collections held by the British Library and the National Library of Scotland.

It will be supplemented later this year with maps from Harvard University, the New York Public Library, the National Library of Wales, the Bodleian Library at Oxford, and several major European libraries.

Do check the OldMapsOnline blog for regular updates.

28 February 2012

New e-Resources - EIU Market Indicators & Forecasts and EIU Country Data

Following a successful trial, we now have access to the EIU Market Indicators and Forecasts + EIU Country Data databases.

EIU Market Indicators and Forecasts provides global market indicators and forecasts back to 1990; economic, demographic, consumption and industry forecasts for 60 major markets worldwide, over the next five years, and longer-term economic projections. 

EIU Country Data gives economic indicators and forecasts, covering 317 series for 201 countries, as well as 45 regional aggregates, from 1980, and forecasting over five years.

Off-campus access will be available soon, and will use your University Username and Password.

27 February 2012

New - JSTOR Mobile App

Search JSTOR on the go - visit JSTOR Mobile on your smart phone to try it out!
JSTOR Mobile gives you full access to the complete JSTOR (Journal STORage) full-text journal archive, and allows you to:
  • search over 2,000 scholarly journals in the humanities, social sciences, and science
  • read full-text articles via the University's wireless network 
  • zoom in to see pages if your phone supports zooming
  • or, e-mail yourself the article details and links, for reading later
JSTOR Mobile works best on iOS, Android, and BlackBerry devices.


More information about JSTOR

15 February 2012

BoB (Box of Broadcasts) National upgrade - Friday 17 February

BoB (Box of Broadcasts) has become so popular that some maintenance is required to ensure that he can cope with the increased demand.

Scheduled downtime will take place between 9.30-12.00 on Fri 17 February.  It should only take one hour, but the whole morning should be regarded as 'at risk', in case more time is required.

Additional memory and back-up power supplies will be installed, which should improve the load balance and the optimal performance and security of the service.

The BUFVC apologises for any inconvenience that this will cause.  BoB will be back as soon as possible after that.

12 February 2012

SEEKER Snippet 13: restrict your search results to e-books

New functionality and content is added to SEEKER, on an on-going basis. SEEKER allows you to do a single search across most of the Library's e-resources.

The latest improvement means that you can now limit your search results to full-text e-books only. Simply:
  • do a search eg for 'global warming' 
  • then, under 'Source Types' (on the left-hand menu)
  • check the 'eBooks' box
  • to retrieve only full-text e-books
NB: you can also limit your search results to journals, books, news, reviews, conference material, dissertations/theses, biographies, electronic resources, etc

8 February 2012

New - Introduction to RefWorks LibGuide

RefWorks has recently produced a very useful Introduction to RefWorks LibGuide.

RefWorks software allows you to gather, manage and store personal databases of references from online resources, and to quickly generate bibliographies and citations in a variety of different formats. 

The Refworks guide provides clear information on how to create an account, log in, import, manage and share references, and create a simple bibliography.  Brief RefWorks YouTube videos are embedded in the Guide. 

If you would like some personal guidance on how to use Refworks or EndNote, or have any questions, the Academic Liaison Team will be very happy to help.

More information about citing references, and referencing styles.

3 February 2012

Trial e-Resource - Past Masters:Thomas Hardy Collected Letters

© InteLex
Another e-resource trial - this time of Past Masters: Thomas Hardy: Collected Letters, until the end of February 2012.

This is the full-text, searchable version of The Collected Letters of Thomas Hardy, edited by Richard Little Purdy and Michael Millgate. 7 vols. Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1978-1988.

The Past Masters series offers definitive full-text editions of the complete works of seminal figures in the humanities, including published and unpublished works, articles and essays, reviews and correspondence.

The Library already holds other perpetual-access Past Masters digital titles in Philosophy and English Letters, all listed in SAULCAT.

Feedback would be appreciated, please.

2 February 2012

Trial e-Resource - Translated Texts for Historians E-Library

We have a one-month free trial of the Translated Texts for Historians E-Library, until 1 March 2012.

TTL is a 50-volume e-book series of scholarly English translations of important historical texts, from 300-800 AD.  This period saw the transformation of the classical world, the beginnings of Europe and of Islam, and the evolution of Byzantium.

In many cases, these sources have been translated for the first time, from Greek, Latin, Syriac, Coptic, Arabic, Georgian, Armenian and Old Irish. The result is over 13,000 pages of translated text.

Each volume includes an introduction setting the texts and authors in context, and notes on content, interpretation and debates.

Coverage includes histories, chronicles, letters, annals, formularies, compendia, political speeches, military and theological handbooks, poems, documentary sources, records of church councils, biblical and theological commentaries, sermons, church histories, Christian treatises, Christian and pagan panegyric and polemic, Neoplatonic texts, lives of saints, bishops and popes.

would be appreciated, please.

1 February 2012

Trial e-Resource - Central and Eastern European Online Library (C.E.E.O.L)

We have short trial access to the Central and Eastern European Online Library (C.E.E.O.L) database, until 16 February 2012.

C.E.E.O.L. is an online archive of full text pdf articles from 687 humanities and social science journals, and documents covering Central and Eastern European studies.

It contains scholarly publications and research reports in European studies, history, philology, philosophy, politics, sociology and theology, as well as cultural magazines covering poetry, reviews and literature.

C.E.E.O.L currently contains over 146,000 full-text articles, and new titles are added regularly.

'The project's primary concern is to make documents available to a public which can currently only gain limited access when using traditional channels or who have been previously unaware of the existence of these documents'.

Feedback would be appreciated, please.